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The teachers are phenomenal, patient, and flexible. The bilingual curriculum is so rare around here! To have this school near home is a godsent!

My 2 year old daughter has been attending for the past 3 weeks. Her Korean speaking confidence and ability has improved a lot. I noticed the first week and it improves every week. The facility is well layed out with two out door play areas. The staff is extremely friendly and keeps me informed on how she is doing. I feel very lucky to have found a place that will help my daughter in Korean and also integrate English for Kindergarten.

A bonus is this school isn’t linked with a church so there is no 예배.

The staff and teachers helped us new parents to start this journey with our 17 month old son! We felt welcome and confident walking into this place. Recommend it to any parents out there contemplating on starting daycare!

My 26 month old toddler always enjoy going to school and is learning so much every day. Unlike home-day cares and/or other smaller child care services, the school definitely provides a more structured education program which also better trains the kids on social, communication, physical and emotional development!

My boy is well fed, well napped, and well taught here. He brings home new skills each week. I'm incredibly impressed. I can feel with all my heart that my son is LOVED. That's what's really important, isn't it? Somebody actually cares about his well being outside of family - now's thats a blessing. I'd like to also place heavy emphasis on the fact that's it's SUPER CLEAN. That's one of the biggest factors that made me sign on the dotted line with this school. As you soon as you walk in, the no outside shoes rule is awesome and you don't see a sliver of hair, crumbs, or stains on the floors/mats/ gyms. Yes, it's new but you can tell they have high standards when it comes to cleanliness. #winning!

The daily life of a parent is filled with decisions. Some are more important than others but one of the most important and often stressful ones is finding the right daycare/nursery/preschool for your little one. To that I can very confidently say that I am so happy and thankful I came across iPlusOneAcademy! We visited the day we stopped by to pick up a raffle basket we won at a local fair and I was very impressed with the school and wonderful staff. At the time there were only a couple children enrolled because it had only recently opened up and my little one was significantly younger than the others at about 17 months old. I was looking for a place to enroll him because we are in the process of moving and packing and unpacking occur simultaneously with an energetic toddler around... The facility is very clean and well-maintained the kids look very happy (and peaceful during nap time), and the staff is so caring, bright, knowledgeable and plentiful! They have a schedule that shows themes for the month and various activities for the week and even though my son is much younger they were able to tailor some activities for him to participate in. It's been a couple months now and I couldn't be happier and more grateful for this school. Each morning when I drop him off, someone is waiting to happily greet him. If he's having a bad day they know how to calm him down immediately and get him engaged with playtime and activities. My 18 month old comes home with cute little projects that he finger paints or decorates with crayons and stickers -- it's nice to see his fine motor skills developing in this way! When my son returned to school after being sick the teacher made a special porridge just for him just to make sure he would have no problem digesting his food. Our schedule is crazy right now but they've been so understanding and flexible in accommodating our needs and schedule. I'm so happy to know that while he's at school he is growing in such a caring and loving environment. Other pluses about the school are of course the bilingual aspectof the school -- while it offers an immersive environment for the children to learn, you don't have to worry about communicating with the staff if you speak only Korean or only English -- they are all completely bilingual. They are also experienced teachers, childcare professionals and some are also moms of young children. If you'd like they can also take pictures and save them onto a USB for you, they give this to you at the end of each week. Another unexpected gem was that each child receives his/her own cute backpack and a covered metal food tray that snaps shut -- we wash this and bring it in every day for them to serve a hot meal for our little one. Again, most of all I really feel like my son is so loved and cared for at this school. Wonderful curriculum and facilities aside, this makes all the difference. If you're considering a preschool, this is definitely one to check out!