Fun & Creativity


6 ½ weeks to 17 months

Our infant room is  designed for maximum safety, efficiency, and security. Every aspect of your child’s day has been planned so that your child can experience the same comforts of home while your child spends the day with us. 

Infants will experience:

  • Regular playtime will include: tummy time, music time, exploration, and stimulation, as well as nap and feeding times that we will keep consistent with your baby’s individual schedule.

  • All infants will have their own personal cubby and crib.

  • Toys, gliders, cribs, and changing stations are sanitized daily.


18 to 24 months

Our Toddler class will incorporate activities that will encourage and nurture your child. Daily activities will include: music, movement, fitness, play time with toys and equipment, art, and reading. Because toddlers learn through play and exploration, our class will be play-based and will be provided with age-appropriate materials. Our class focuses on motor development, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination.

Toddlers will experience:

  • Outdoor play in our playground

  • Basic skills: drinking from a cup, eating with a spoon, brushing teeth, picking up after themselves, and sharing.

  • Interactive play, dancing, and music

  • The first steps to potty training

Early Preschool

2 Year Olds

Our early preschool class is designed to further enhance your child’s exploration through learning and imaginative play.

2’s will experience:

  • Continuation of potty training and daily life skills

  • Circle Time: the first step to get your child familiar with social participation

  • Daily nap time and quiet time

  • Engage in imaginative play, reading, dance, music, and arts/crafts


3 Year Olds

This is the age when a child absorbs all the information that they immerse themselves in. Our Preschool class will incorporate all cognitive, physical, language, and basic life skills into their program. In this class, your child will be introduced to the Korean alphabet and how to write.

3’s will experience:

  • Writing in Korean, starting with the alphabet to simple words.

  • Basic writing in English

  • Enrich cognitive skills through imaginative play, reading, science, and music

  • Increased emphasis on developmental behavior and social skills


4 Year Olds

Our Pre-Kindergarten class is designed to enhance your child’s Korean and English. They will be focusing on writing and reading in both languages. The program will integrate all cognitive, physical, social, and language skills.

4’s will experience:

  • Both Korean and English writing and reading

  • Listening and speaking skills

  • Physical activities such as using the outdoor playground, imaginative play, and sports

  • Continuation of enhancing behavioral development and social skills by circle time and cooperative learning.