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What is iPlusOne ?

At iPlusOne Academy, we will build a solid foundation for one language (Korean) to easily pick up the second language (English).  Once we have a strong base in Korean, we will incorporate English allowing the children to keep their base and add a new language.  In this way, children learn to become fluent in both languages.  This is the premise of iPlusOne.  “i” is the base and what the child knows.  The “plus one” is what we do constantly by adding to the “i”.  We take what they know and keep challenging them to learn and grow and become bilingual.

i + 1

Our children/first language Comprehensive input/ second language



Stephen Krashen, an expert in the field of linguistics and bilingual language acquisition developed “The Input Hypothesis”.


This hypothesis suggests that language acquisition occurs when learners receive messages that they can understand, a concept also known as comprehensible input.  However, Krashen also suggests that this comprehensible input should be one step beyond the learner’s current language ability, represented as i + 1, in order to allow learners to continue to progress with their language development.


In another word, if a learner is at a state ‘i’, then acquisition takes place when he/she is exposed to ‘Comprehensible Input’ that belongs to level ‘i+1’. 


This hypothesis highlights the importance of using the Second Language in the classroom.  The goal of any language program is for learners to be able to communicate effectively.  By providing as much comprehensible input as possible, the teacher is able to create a more effective opportunity for language acquisition.


At iPlusOne, with understanding of second language acquisition through numerous studies and first-hand experiences, we have developed our curriculum to provide positive classroom environment in which our children can learn to be bilingual.