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Welcome to

iPlusOne Academy

The benefits of being bilingual

go beyond the ability

to communicate in another language.

Bilingualism gives kids

a broader perspective of the world!




6 ½ weeks to 17 months

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18 to 24 months


Early Preschool

2 Year Olds

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3 Year Olds

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4 Year Olds


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional care for our children in a positive, safe, nurturing environment to foster their individual success and achieve their full potential.

Through meaningful child-centered activities and hands-on exploration, we promote the physical, linguistic, intellectual, social and emotional development of the whole child to prepare them to be life-long learners.


At iPlusOne Academy, our unique goal is to provide a true bilingual and bicultural learning experience through thoughtfully selected lessons prepared by our master educators so that our students can gain the numerous benefits of being bilingual. 


We are committed to the families and community we serve, providing support, encouragement and excellence so that our children will be fully prepared to become global citizens.

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"뉴욕에서 뉴저지로 이사오면서 여러군데 데이케어를 인터뷰 했었지만 아이플러스원만큼 시설이 깨끗하고 방역수칙도 잘 이행하는 기관은 없었던거 같습니다. 그리고 아이가 한국/영어 이중언어를 배울수 있어서 좋은장점입니다. 매일 앱을 통해서 아이의 하루일과를 사진 및 노트로 보내주십니다. 지금 포트리에 살면서 매일 등하원 시키지만 아이가 즐거워 하는 모습에 잘 선택한거 같습니다."

English Translation:

"We can confidently say that this is the best place out of all. We did interview many daycares around Fort Lee/Edgewater/Palisade Park before we moved to NJ from NY. iPlusOne Academy offers a warm, clean, and stable environment during the COVID crisis. Teachers always with a smile and a warm attitude at the entrance of the school. We have been provided feedbacks, photos, and notes through the Brightwheel App daily basis since day 1. "

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December 2020

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